Louisville Real Estate Market Update: August 2008

The statistics for sold real estate in Louisville for August 2008 are here for you today. I have also done a brief comparison against August 2007. I’m seeing a trend in Louisville that’s similar to Boulder. Fewer homes were sold, and the median price is rising.

Single Family Homes:

Number of homes sold: 19

Average Days on market: 64

Median Price: $375,000

Average Price: $395,755

High Price: $840,000

Low Price: $208,000

Attached Homes (Condos and Town Homes)

Number of homes sold: 8

Average Days on market: 97

Median Price: $225,000

Average Price: $225,083

High Price: $370,020

Low Price: $117,500

The condo and town home market is a different story when comparing August 2008 versus August 2007 sold statistics for Louisville.

ADOM is up from 79 last year (a slightly seller oriented market), to the current ADOM (average days on market) of 97 in August 2008 (a slightly buyer favored market.

Median price however, is up from $186,000 last year, and there were 10 sold units in 2007 versus 8 this year.


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