Louisville Market Data From Your Boulder Realtor

As a Boulder Realtor, I tend to work for my clients all over the metro area and one city in particular that I often spend time in is Louisville, CO.

One of my past clients and a member of my “Inner Circle” reminded me that I need to get some data out on Louisville sold property.

We won’t have the 2007 year end data for a little while but we have some interesting information so far for Louisville. Let’s compare the prices vs. number of homes sold first.

In each instance, the numbers reflect quarterly statistics for 2007 vs. 2006.

Q1/2007: Median price was $362,000 (up 14% from Q1/2006)

Q2/2007: Median price was $345,900 (up 4% from Q1/2006)

Q3/2007: Median price was $365,000 (up 5% from Q1/2006)

This is data for single family homes in the city of Louisville, CO. This is SOLD homes and it does not include any data for home listed for sale but not sold. Typically roughly 20% of the homes for sale are actually sold in any given month.

Here’s some annual comparisons:

2004 Totals:

Homes Sold: 299 (that’s 4% less than in 2003)

Median Price: $297,000 (that’s 4% MORE than 2003)

2005 Totals:

Homes Sold: 316 (that’s 6% more than in 2004)

Median Price: $310,000 (that’s 4% more than 2004)

2006 Totals:

Homes Sold: 269 (that’s 15% LESS than in 2005)

Median Price: $331,000 (that’s 7% more than 2005)

Looks to me like the appreciation is working well for homeowners over the last 3-3/4 years and even though 2006 saw fewer homes than either 2004 or 2005, the median price is still rising.

I hope this is helpful to my Louisville friends and those of you interested in considering a move to Louisville, CO. If you’d like anything more specific about Louisville or any other part of the Boulder Real Estate market or the general Boulder Valley area drop me an email and let me know what you need.


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