Landmark Lofts Project Update

I’m still a little perplexed by the progress on the Landmark Lofts project, but it could actually get finished before too long.

A recent information release I obtained from the people at Landmark Lofts explains a few things.

The framing stage is almost complete and if you’ve driven by the location in the last few weeks, you could see that the buildings have taken shape.

It will be interesting to see how sales go with strong competition from other projects around town. I hope that the fit and finish is very high-end. There are plenty of average choices around town in both existing and new construction.

The info I have received indicates that the builders have already chosen color and upgrades for both buildings “2870” and “2850”. It seems that there are some people already under contract for buildings at address 2830 and 2810, and by now those folks should have had an opportunity to make their design and color selections.

As I understand it, the builder is moving forward with completing the interior finish work so opportunities for choosing upgrades will be lost if you are a late-term buyer. There are also some storage units for sale as of a couple weeks ago.

As I’ve mentioned before, this location seems like a logical choice for those having business at the university just across 28th street, but if you want a real urban experience, you’ll have to look closer to downtown.

Thanks for reading my blog. If you are interested in having buyer representation when looking at the Landmark Lofts or any other project in Boulder, I’d consider it a privilege to talk with you about helping you find the perfect new home.

-Zachary Epps, full-time professional Realtor and EcoBroker.


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