Lafayette CO trailer park redevelopment

Another proposed mobile home park redevelopment in Boulder county is on the table.

This time it’s not in the city of Boulder, like the Boulder mobile home park called Orchard Grove, which didn’t get razed.

This redevelopment is in Lafayette. The Shady Acres Mobile Home Park has 31 mobile homes.

It is slated to be redone to include a 120-unit senior housing complex, proposed street-side retail, and commercial office space.

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Unlike the Orchard Grove situation, the plans for Shady Acres appear to be moving along without delay.

Shady Acres is well, by some people’s standards, a little shady. Not my words, but what I’ve heard locals in Lafayette use to refer to this, and some other parts of Lafayette.

While it’s tough for residents in any community to essentially be ‘forced’ to move, especially those who have limited financial resources as those who live in areas like this, it can be especially burdonsome.

The city of Lafayette has said that the reason for approving the redevelopment of the Shady Acres park is to “eliminate blight in the Old Town Urban Renewal District”. The city also wants to bring in new, higher sources of property and sales tax revenue.

Sometimes people ask me why the sales and property value numbers are sort of skewed compared to adjacent cities like Louisville and Superior. Well, Shady Acres isn’t really part of that equation, but there are some nearby neighborhoods which were once pretty desirable, in that they held their values, were relatively low-crime, and well-maintained.

This has changed over the last few decades, and it has hurt the overall market for Lafayette in terms of property values, and median prices. It also presents quite a contrast to buyers relocating to the area who aren’t familiar with the different towns and neighborhoods.

The best solution: visit locally and take the time to drive through prospective neighborhoods, at different times of the day, and on different days. See what you like or don’t like on different days. And consider enlisting the help of a local professional who can give you access to the kind of insight and information you need.

Ultimately this change at Shady Acres may be a rough road for the residents who will need to find new housing. For Lafayette though, it might mean a trend in a positive direction based on the city’s stated goals and ideals to rejuvenate the downtown area along Public Road, and the nearby neighborhoods which have suffered from poor property maintenance and higher crime rates during the last two or three decades.

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