Job Growth In Louisville Not Focused Only On ConocoPhillips

You may have read a thing or two about ConocoPhillips over the summer months in our local papers, but what you may have been missing is that there are other smaller positive influences on our local economy. You’ve already heard me talk about some of the ancillary businesses that have relocated to the area due to the news about ConocoPhillips.

What you may not have heard about is a small employer in Louisville called Vaisala. Small in the sense that it currently employs around 90 people (although it employs more than 1100 worldwide), as compared to the promise of 7000 jobs at ConocoPhillips. There are some impact producing numbers when you look at the real estate effect of Vaisala on local commercial real estate.

Vaisala built its own 40,000 square foot building on Taylor Ave in Louisville in 2003, then leased more than 15,000 square feet at another Taylor Avenue location about three years later. Now they’ve leased another 15,000+ square feet on Taylor, bringing its control of leased and owned space to over 70,000 square feet. All this comes on the heels of Vaisala landing a contract from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Vaisala is a Finnish company that specializes in weather measurement solutions. The work for NOAA will focus on design and development of wind sensors. NOAA is looking to upgrade its wind profiler network use by the National Weather Service.The work is to enhance the existing weather prediction data gathering tools. This data is part of a real-time distribution network to scientists, the government, and meteorologists.

This is where your local weather man/woman gets their data for the forecasts you see on television. Do you want to get right to the source, and see the weather prediction straight from NOAA, without the filter of your local media? Go to the NOAA website, and just enter your city to see the most accurate data available. And you don’t have to wait until the commercial is over. Look on the upper left corner of the page, just under the NOAA logo.

I first heard of Vaisala a few years ago when a new client was referred to me from one of my other real estate clients.  He was looking for a house to buy in Superior since he worked nearby for Vaisala. He is essentially what we’d call a software engineer, and I soon learned a good friend of his is a hardware engineer who also works at Vaisala. As it turns out, many Vaisala employees are scattered throughout Louisville and Superior. Several of them coming from as far away as the United Kingdom, and I’ve had the opportunity to work with Vaisala employees more than once to help them with their real estate needs.

Vaisala is just one example of how the national labs like NOAA, NCAR, and NREL, and schools such as CU Boulder, and the Colorado School of Mines, attract science and business to our region. The ultimate example of this is ConcoPhillips targeting our area for its global alternative energy and education facility.

Thank you for reading my post. If you are thinking about moving, please contact me so I can help you with your plans.

-Zachary Epps


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