It’s Painting Time Again

Not only is it that time of year when you see many people painting their homes, it’s especially busy in certain neighborhoods. That’s why I have made a special offer to all of the people that have opted into my Inner Circle and other communication lists, such as the ‘ask Zachary’ form on my Contact Page, and ‘What’s My Home Worth in Today’s Market’ form on my website.

Follow one of these links and join and I’ll send you a FREE Kwal Paint discount card. The card gives you the opportunity to save 30% off all Kwal Paint Brand Items.

Here’s a rundown on some of the additional benefits of the Kwal Paint Discount Card:

  • You can use the Kwal Paint Discount Card at any of the hundreds of Kwal paint stores throughout the cental United States (Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico) Visit the Kwal website for a specific location.
  • You can use the card for 30% off interior and exterior paint products manufactured by Kwal Paint, as well as the Kwal Paint private-labeled sundries.
  • Prices are guaranteed by Kwal to meet or beat the pricing on comparative products available at any other paint supply outlet.
  • The card gives you access to FREE painting consultation from a Kwal Paint specialist.
  • You get access to a list of pre-qualified painting contractors who are happy to give you competitive rates on painting labor, while empowering you to save almost a third of the normal cost on paint.
  • Your card is completely transferrable, so loan it to a friend or feel free to give it away. I can always get you another one for yourself or will be glad to send one to a friend or family member of yours

If you’ve lived in your home more than six to seven years and haven’t painted the exterior yet, now’s probably a good time to get that done. It might need exterior paint sooner than that if you bought a pre-owned home and don’t know when it was painted.

The Rohm and Haas Paint Quality Institute website has some helpful information if you’re getting ready to start a painting project, or just want to research products, trends, and techniques before you hire a painting professional.

I hope this can help you save money. If you’d like to join my Inner Circle so that you can get direct access to this Kwal Paint 30% Discount Card, and other great offers, join now or use my contact page to let me know you’d like a card now.


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