Investing In Green Building Nets More Jobs

Boulder Green Building GuildI keep getting these emails from all sorts of groups telling me I need to pay attention to them. Do you get the same stuff?

I’m not talking about the usual stuff we all hate, I’m talking about the emails from groups that I really care about, or that I’ve actually signed up for, to hear from them…

One of these groups is the Boulder Green Building Guild (BGBG). In similar fashion to EcoBroker International, The Community Foundation, and Flatirons Habitat For Humanity, I’m getting useful info on what’s up with them and how it can help me, help you with real estate.

In fact, while traveling recently, I was wearing my BGBG ‘baseball’ cap and it helped me get into a lengthy conversation with someone about green building… products, techniques, social consciousness! Hey, it was their time, I just answered a lot of questions mostly. (I know you had a picture of me in your mind pinning them up against a wall lecturing them about why they’re contributing to global warming right?!)

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The interesting point is that some of these emails actually contain useful information. The BGBG just sent me links to a couple articles about how investing in clean energy in the home building and home remodeling community can actually produce more jobs.

Here’s a tid-bit from the BGBG:

Two new reports on the impacts of moving to a low-carbon economy show putting money toward energy efficiency, building retrofits and renewable energy projects can create 1.7 million new jobs, significantly more than the same investment in fossil fuel industries.  The reports were released today in tandem by four groups: Green for All, the Natural Resources Defense Council and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst’s Political Economy Research Institute (PERI) worked together on the “Green Prosperity” study, while PERI also worked with the Center for American Progress on the “Economic Benefits” report.

I found some additional info on the greenbiz website:

“[I]nvesting in clean energy for $1 million will generate 16.7 jobs; correspondingly, investing in fossil fuels generates about 5.3 jobs,” explained Robert Pollin, the co-director of PERI and the lead author of both studies, in a press conference this morning. “When you net the two things out, you’re going to get about 12 incremental jobs per million in spending by investing in clean energy.”

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