Incredibell From Mirrycle Corp. Helps Eldorado K-8 Freikers

I just had a meeting on Tuesday with Barry Schacht, owner and founder of Mirrycle Corporation, manufacturer and distributor of Mirrycle Mirrors and the wonderfully fun and functional Incredibell bicycle bells.  His company has just donated 100 of his Incredibell Triple bicycle bells to support the Eldorado K-8 Freiker program.

Freiker, the combination of words Frequent and Biker, is the name of a reward program created to encourage kids to ride bikes to school.

One of the tasks at hand this year for the Eldorado Freiker program is to raise money for the rewards. Although Freiker had funding last year through the Safe Routes To School program, this year there is no funding. The people at have put the onus to fund the rewards and other operating essentials in the hands of the individual schools that want to have the program.

As a consequence, we are communicating with many business owners in our community to help support the program. In addition to Barry Schacht at Mirrycle Corporation, we have commitments at various levels from Boulder’s Century Theater, and a local maid-service cleaning company: First Impressions Cleaning.

I’m also sponsoring the program by donating $250 from each closed transaction that comes to me as a referral through my connections with the parents involved at Eldorado K-8 or the Freiker program.

We’re talking to many local community members and all of our efforts go towards funding the rewards that the kids earn for riding their bikes to school. If you’re interested in helping, please let me know so we can put something together. My goal is to get enough support to guarantee great rewards for the Eldorado students who ride to school and to expand the program over to Superior Elementary.


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