How To Effectively Sell Boulder Real Estate (or anywhere else)

zeepsphoenix.jpgBuying Boulder real estate can be tricky if you’re moving from out of town and still haven’t sold your old house.

I had a client mention to me that they’re getting anxious and would like to see some action soon towards getting their house sold so they can move. They are out of town and have a home they need to sell which is already on the market. I don’t know anything about this agent and what is being done for my potential buyer and since I didn’t get to provide any guidance or counseling, I wasn’t a part of the process in helping my buyer client select their listing agent. This is typical and sometimes unfortunate.

house.jpgI’ve had many buyers that have moved into the Boulder county area who have needed to sell their out-of-town real estate. In fact, I’m working with clients in Seattle, Bellvue, Austin and even the United Kingdom. In this particular case, I decided to email some of the thoughts I commonly express to my clients when they’re in this situation and seeking my advice. This is the same guidance I give friends and family.

Here’s basically my email and I apologize in advance for typos, redundancy or other disconnected points as this was stream of consciousness writing at its best:

First, and most important, is to be sure to pick a real estate agent that is doing all the right things that actually get a home sold. Focus on strategies and tactics that get results. The fee your agent charges for working for you is not the most critical factor. (Yeah I know, easy for me to say) You can pick a ‘cheap’ realtor and get lousy results which end up costing you more than you saved in the long run. (We call these folks “limited service” agents)

Some of those tactics are to prepare the property correctly. It must appear like a product ready for sale. It should look that way and you should treat it that way. Go look at model homes at a new construction project and see how they present those to the buying public.

Second, it’s essential to do good market research to determine what the TRUE market value is for your home in the CURRENT market. Look at three things:

1. homes that sold

2. homes for sale

3. homes that failed to sell.

In all cases these comparisons should be true, ‘like-kind’ comparables. If you chart this, you’ll usually be able to easily see where the numbers fall to price your home properly for entering the marketplace. Follow this up with a non-emotional plan to adjust price regularly in case the market is changing or you haven’t nailed the true market condition for your home to sell right now properly.

Third, get your mind in a place where you can think about this as strictly a business decision and not an emotional process. It’s no longer your home, period. It’s a house… a property that you need to sell. Lose your emotional connection to it any way you can. Focus on your reasons for selling and moving and keep your new life in the forefront of your mind. Keep reminding yourself that all the steps you take to get your house sold are moving you one step closer to where you want to go, and remember that you won’t be there until it’s done. This often helps many people when they think about removing their personal items that might be a distraction to buyers (they’re trying to imagine their own stuff in there) and it helps with getting the price where it needs to be to attract serious buyers who are ready to make an offer.


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-Zachary Epps, full-time professional Realtor® and EcoBroker®


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