How Do I Find Green Built Boulder Real Estate?

solar_wind.jpgSo you’re thinking about buying Boulder real estate and you want something built green?

The question is where to start and how to determine if what you’re considering buying is really ‘green’ or just some “green-washer’s” misrepresentation.

There are many local Boulder developers and architects that are focused on green building techniques and practices. When choosing an architect or builder for your new home, or when reviewing many of the Boulder condosphoto_012408_002.jpg that are including green building features, it’s useful to know how to compare various green building technologies. Some Boulder green building projects include The Walnut Boulder, and Dakota Ridge Village although there are many others.

It’s also just as important to determine for yourself what you want to get out of this endeavor towards green building and all that it may bring to your life.

img_1600.JPGDo you want energy cost savings? Are you looking for a higher degree of comfort? Want more light or perhaps you’re interested in saving the planet?

All these can be valid reasons behind your pursuit of a sustainable-focused, environmentally conscious, eco-friendly green built new home for yourself. (did I get most of the buzz-words in there?!)

Perhaps you’re even considering an eco-friendly mortgage

Maybe one thing to consider if you haven’t already is getting a home energy rating or a home energy audit. Either for your existing home or a home you’re considering buyer, an energy audit, with or without the energy rating, can give you a lot of information about what has been done already and what can be done to make the home more green.

On great place to start your research might be the U.S. Green Building Council’s website. There you can find lists of LEED-certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) green guildings and developments that can lead you back to professionals with sustainable expertise. LEED certification relates to a rating system based on building industry accepted standards for green performance criteria in six categories. One of those categories is indoor environmental quality.

There are four levels of certification and a building gets points assigned based on how the building performs in the six categories. While the LEED certification originally started out as a way to rate commercial buildings, a residential-oriented system is rolling out now.

The Energy and Environmental Building Association is another national group that has many resources connected with building performance and climate specific help. The EEBA website includes resources for both existing homes and new construction that you may find helpful.

On a local level, Built Green Colorado is a group dedicated to encouraging homebuilders to use green technologies, products and practices. Local builders are taking this seriously and implementing tactics to really bring a lot of benefit to homeowners.

Contact an EcoBroker Realtor, like me, if you want to explore more about how you can get oriented around green building techniques when you’re ready to buy your next home, or if you just want to learn more about how you can improve the green status of your current home.


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