Home Builders Getting Smart In Longmont

Have you ever wondered why some areas of the county seem to have too much inventory (too many homes for sale), and that the prices seem to be lower than most of the other towns?

Longmont has historically been one of these areas, and it’s no surprise given the massive amount of over-building and over-supply that’s dominated the area in the last several years. Finally, some local builders are getting the right idea and pulling out.

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One builder that’s getting the idea and pulling out of Longmont is local company McStain Neighborhoods. McStain sold the property it owned near 75th St. and Nelson Road, which was known as West Grange, for $5,629,400, according to the Boulder County public records.

McStain has recently been in the forefront of green building news with their Westminster, CO project, designed by local architect David Budrow. This project was featured by the EcoBroker folks out of Evergreen, CO just this past summer. Perhaps focusing on the stronger growth areas along the Boulder Turnpike/Hwy 36 corridor is a smart thing.

The national home builder, KB Home also sold land it owned which was slated for development in Longmont. Just about three months ago, KB sold a 106 acre piece of property for $4,050,000. The builder was planning on almost 450 homes in a combination of single-family homes, paired-homes, and town homes.

This kind of change is exactly what the Longmont market needs to stabilize its housing market and housing prices. As we see supply and demand balance out throughout the county, the minor market adjustment (relatively speaking compared to the rest of the country) that Boulder County has seen in the last few years will clear up.
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-Zachary Epps, full-time professional Realtor® and EcoBroker®


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