Hip-Hop Hits Boulder Again

3_jumping.jpgOne studio leaves and another enters as Boulder’s hip hop dance scene hears the sucking sound of Motion Underground leaving the Boulder community for Denver digs being replaced by Streetside Studios.
The word I heard was that Motion Underground was relocating not only because its lease was up but according to its owners the business’ core client base was coming from the Denver Metro market area anyway and class size was dropping. Streetside appears to have a really great thing going and I hope that it works. They seem to have the experience and expertise to get it done

Streetside Studios is founded by former Motion Underground dance instructor, Niara Lucas Eustace, and others previously toured professionally in the Denver Nuggets “Mob Squad” as well as the Colorado Crush’s City Dancers who appeard in MTV music videos and on Fox TV.

Streetside is located in a refurbished building with multiple individual studios, bamboo floors and a study room overlooking the Valmont Reservoir at 6681 Arapahoe Ave in Boulder.

According to Eustace, the common denominator for her and her co founders Troy Burrell and Ricardo Changeux is Hip-Hop. Other classes for all ages are available including salsa, Capoeira (a form of Martial Arts), jazz African, Breaking, Modern Fusion and Tap.

Daytime offerings will possibly include Pilates, yoda and fitness dance classes.

The Streetside website offer more info and a rundown on upcoming events, schedules and rates.


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  1. Brenda Rojas on October 9th, 2008 11:13 am

    I loved haing classes with TROY he’s tha BOMB!!

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