Hapa Sushi A Favorite Downtown Boulder Restaurant

hapa sushHapa SushiGot a chance to dine at Hapa Sushi again. It’s been way too long. This is a restaurant worth checking out, just ask my kids. Yep, I made the ‘mistake’ of introducing my kids to sushi and the Hapa menu just as soon as there were old enough and I’ve been paying for it ever since.

connie at hapa sushiToday it was time to get Connie some new snow tires so I went over to Tires Inc where I’ve been buying tires since the very early 1980’s and while they did their thing to her Pathfinder, I took Con over to Hapa for a rare treat (these days) of Sushi lunch sans kids.

Masu Cup Hapa SushiIt was amazingly quiet. Not the restaurant mind you, but not having the little ones constantly vying for our attention and asking for more Tobiko or Hamachi was just fine with me.

John at Hapa SushiWe got a little time to chat with John who was doing an excellent job of preparing our food while balancing the busy lunch hour table orders with our meal at the bar. With a stream full of glistening black rocks burbling along in between our lunch and the sushi coolers it was, as usual, a delightful and delicious experience.

hapa sushiTurns out John probably served us up at Sushi Breck about nine years ago and we didn’t know it. Small world after all Walt. John came to Colorado from Tennessee and hung out on the slopes of Breckenridge while working at Sushi Breck. As one of his parents is Japanese, turns out John learned a thing or two about Japanese cooking while growing up and worked his way right into the industry with panache.

john at hapa sushiWell, from the early days when our daughter was just a little thing in a car seat and Hapa just opened about eight years ago, to today, Hapa has always delighted us with it’s elegant combination of what they call a dynamic blend of Hawaiian, Asian and American cultures.


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