Green Building Theme Continues At The Walnut Boulder

The Walnut Boulder Scale Model.jpgThe green building emphasis at The Walnut Boulder continues to be a refreshing concept for me as I learn more about what Morgain Creek Ventures is up to with John McElveen and his team from Remax helping them promote the project.

The Walnut Boulder Showroom.jpgMcElveen and I went on a tour downtown and stopped in at the showroom near Spruce and Broadway to check out some of the interior design features and the scale models of the new project. Now you may ask: “what the heck are you doing at a showroom all the way over at Broadway when the project is on the other end of downtown”… When you look atphoto_012408_002.jpg the construction site and all the work involved in the de-construction you’d see why the sales showroom would be in another part of the downtown area.

The Walnut Boulder deconstruction.jpgWhen you consider that potential buyers are spending upwards of $3,000,000.00 on a home at The Walnut, I think it makes sense to have a well thought out and elegantly designed showroom, not just a trailer next to a construction site. After all, this isn’t some suburban tract-home community.

Here are some highlights of The Walnut’s orientation towards LEED Certification and development of the first LEED Platinum CI (Commercial Interiors) certified space in the United States. Yep, not just Boulder, CO… the U.S.

Sustainable Site

  • Urban infill site located just off Pearl Street
  • Within two blocks of Boulder’s public transportation hub and multi-modal paths
  • Integrated bike storage to encourage use of bikes instead of cars


  • Green roof and landscape zones designed to reduce and treat water runoff
  • Water efficient landscaping and irrigation
  • Dual flush toilets to reduce water consumption

Indoor Air Quality

  • Multiple sides of glass with operable windows
  • Water based floor finishes
  • Low volatile organic compound (VOC) paints that minimize emissions
  • Low emitting adhesives and sealants
  • High recycled content carpet


  • Energy Star Appliances
  • Low E glass that reduces heat gain
  • High efficiency central boiler system for hot water and heating
  • HCFC-free air conditioner condensing units
  • Compact fluorescent lighting and dimmable lighting that conserves energy
  • White reflective roof reduces heat gain
  • Optional integrated home control systems to manage energy consumption

Renewable Resources

  • Construction waste management program diverts 75% of waste from landfills
  • Renewable and recycled regional materials used for building structure
  • FSC renewable cabinet veneers
  • Steel manufactured from 90% recycled content materials
  • Deconstruction and reuse of prior building materials in lieu of demolition
  • Investigating use of photovoltaic panels on roof


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