Great Boulder Hiking: Anne U. White Trail

The Anne U. White hiking trail has been one of our family favorites for many years and it’s an easy route for most ages and abilities. It’s 1.5 miles one way and ends at an open field surrounded by forest.

Depending on the time of year and weather, you may find yourself happy to stop for a snack or lunch in the sunny field or in the middle of summer, or you may prefer the shade of the large trees near where the trail ends. We’ve found both delightful.

The trails crosses back and forth over the stream several times (23 times according to my daughter) and even passes a couple of small waterfalls and pools. Constantly meandering back and forth over the creek under the shade of the trees it’s a very pleasant journey. We’ve often seen wildlife (mostly deer and birds) but there are warning signs for Mountain Lions, like there are in most all the suburban foothills hiking areas. We’ve hiked it many times through the years and I love the route especially as compared to other hikes in the warmer summer weeks.

The hardest part about the trail is the parking so plan to get there early or count on parking on down at the turn-off at the end of Wagon Wheel Gap Rd.

To find the trailhead, take North Broadway north to Lee Hill Rd and turn west. Continue 1.1 miles to Wagonwheel Gap Road and turn left and go one mile. Turn left again onto dirt road and follow that to the dead end at the trail head about two tenths of a mile. There’s parking for about 5 or 6 cars at the end but no parking along the road until you get back out towards Wagonwheel and Lee Hill.

The trail is named after Anne Underwood While who was a local writer, geographer and open space advocate. She was a member of the Boulder Parks and Open Space Advisory Committee and championed the concept of trail corridors. She and her husband donated twenty acres as part of this trail.


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