Gelato Bacio in Downtown Boulder

photo_022708_007.jpgAnother nice day so I had to take a break and stroll downtown to stretch my legs.

Yeah, I know, supposed to be working. Actually I am! There were two meetings downtown so I figure since I’m already there, a quick walk up the west end would do me some good.

photo_022708_006.jpgGelato Bacio catches my eye and since I’m hanging with this Italian friend of mine, of course we have to go in and check out the gelato joint. After all, he insisted so who was I to argue with him.photo_022708_002.jpg

Leif (the buff dude in blue) offers us free samples and I decide to try out the cappuccino flavor gelato and it’s pretty awesome!

photo_022708_008.jpg Feeling bad about not having the time to hang out and actually buy something during this visit, I promise to come back with the kids and meanwhile, post on my blog about their place.

photo_022708_003.jpgThe spot is pretty cool looking and it’s only been there a few months so it’ll be nice to see how they do once it warms up. They told us that the warm days lately have been kind to them and traffic is picking up.

The low hanging lights in modern style and the warmer tones make it a cozy place to hang out and not like the typical ‘ice cream shop’ that’s all bright and in your face.

photo_022708_001.jpgIt’s right on Pearl near Bart’s CD Cellar and Blink Gallery… Saxy’s Cafe is just around the corner on 10th.


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