Four Mile Creek Greenway Trail

Boulder was recently awarded almost $200,000 to construct the Four Mile Creek greenway trail between 26th Street and 28th Street in Boulder. Some say it’s another great benefit to Boulder neighborhoods, especially those folks who have to traverse the area served by the trail across a couple of busy roads.

The money comes to the project via the Safe Routes to School program, and the Colorado state Department of Transporation. The trail is primary intended to benefit the students and families attending the Crestview Elementary School in the Crestview Neighborhood, and Centennial Middle school.

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The Colorado Safe Routes to School Program helps promote projects which benefit and encourage students to get to school without riding in a car. Many schools in the state have benefitted from this program. The Freiker, bike-to-school program launched at a few Boulder County schools thanks to money from the program.

The City of Boulder has received almost $1 million to date, to the benefit of almost 20 schools at the elementary and middle school level.

Congress has earmarked over $600 million towards the development of the National Safe Routes to School Program.

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  1. Boulder Real Estate on April 29th, 2010 2:25 pm

    Great Post, it is awesome to see that the hard work of programs like Safe Routes to School are having such an incredible impact! You should definitely try and grab some images before and after to post here!

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