Foolish Craig’s Hot Spot for Boulder Real Estate Meetings

boulder real estate inspectorHad a meeting today with my home inspector, Jeff Lyons, from A-Pro Home inspections as we had some issues to discuss with a piece of Boulder real estate I’m about to release to the market.

Since it was in the neighborhood, we walked over to Foolish Craig’s Restaurant on Pearl Street. This isn’t on the ‘Pearl Street Mall’ part of Pearl Street but just to the east. This area has quickly become a wonderful extension of the downtown Boulder shopping and dining experience.

While we didn’t need it, there’s great parking opportunities. Folks often get hung up on finding street parking but I always like to remind my friends that there’s a parking garage right on the corner of 15th and Pearl. I always like to keep my car out of the weather, sun or whatever it might be that day. Besides… no parking tickets in the garage and it’s free on Saturday and Sunday.

Foolish Craig’s has always been stuck in my mind as a breakfast place. We first started going there about 10 years or so ago when it opened and it was basically a week-end place for us to walk over to for brunch. It’s low key, laid back but the staff are friendly and service is quick.

Jeff and I had a great lunch, got our real estate business squared away and about 6 phone calls and we were back at it. Turns out the condo’s ready to go. I got the sign in the yard and the neighbors are already asking questions about it.

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-Zachary Epps, full-time professional Realtor® and EcoBroker®


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