ERA Tradewind of Boulder Gets Management Change

ERA Tradewind BoulderWith a strong position in the marketplace as the #2 office in Boulder County, the somewhat unknown ERA Tradewind of Boulder continues to grow and looks to be in a better position to assist more clients. While it seems that the ERA brand isn’t very top-of-mind for some people in Colorado, the brokerage posts some amazing results.

Former business partners, Dan Johnson and James Plaster, recently reorganized the brokerage and Johnson sold his half of the company so he could focus on his passion for sales at the ERA Tradewind offices. It’s a move he said he’s wanted for a while. After managing people for 25 years Johnson decides focusing on sales rather than managing agents is his true calling.

James Plaster is now the sole owner and overall managing broker of both offices of the ERA Tradewind Real Estate brokerage which has two offices and about 125 associate brokers serving clients all across the Boulder area and beyond.

While many brokerages have seen declines in their agent roster and with some smaller firms even going out of business, ERA Tradewind hasn’t seen the same problems.

Johnson says “while our market awareness to the general public may be still growing, our market awareness to our past and present clients is constant as all of our agents do a great job of keeping in close personal contact with their clients.” Johnson’s gone on to say many times that “when our agents establish a relationship with their clients, they look at it as a life-long commitment”

Plaster agrees with that and he stresses that “one of the major tenets of the organization is to remember that building relationships is what we consider this business to be all about”.

That’s why I got into this business. It wasn’t to just earn a living. The emphasis on building relationships is why I chose this office and the management team ERA Tradewind has for it’s brokers seems to continue to embody the philosophy that I feel represents how I want to do business. I enjoy the fact that I get to build friendships while doing the work that I really love.

While many real estate offices measure their sales numbers and ranking in the local real estate business community based on dollar volume of homes sold, or number of units (homes) sold, the ERA brokers prefer to look at it as a measurement of the number of people they’ve had the opportunity to help. While one could make a case that it’s the same thing: number of homes sold, or number of clients we’ve been able to assist; I’d suggest that we’re really taking it one step further and we’re measuring our success by the number of relationships we’re building.


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