Dog Parks Near Louisville, Boulder, Superior and Lafayette

For so many people living in condos and town homes like The Walnut, The Peloton, Landmark Lofts, One Penn Place, Northfield Commons / Northfield Village, and Dakota Ridge, and other Boulder condo communities,  it’s more important than ever to know where are great places to have fun with your dog.

These days it seems people are willing to spend time and money on their pets beyond what they might spend on themselves or their kids. It’s no wonder with the unconditional love and dedication so many of us get from our pets.

The biggest hurdle for pet owners (sorry, guardians to those of us in Boulder), is to find places to take our dogs to run free without the concerns of the general public, and in a safe environment.

There are actually at least almost a dozen ‘officially dog-friendly’ areas in Boulder, and several more in the surrounding communities.

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Now, here’s a list of local Off-Leash Areas and Local Dog Parks:


Valmont Dog Park

5275 Valmont Road on the north side

* Fenced area for both large and small dogs.
* Large area is about 3 acres.
* Small area is about .25 acres.
* It is a temporary dog park as Valmont City Park is still being developed.
* A water spigot is available seasonally.

East Boulder Dog Park

5660 Sioux Drive (near East Boulder Community Center)

* Fenced area for both large and small dogs. There is a concrete barrier in the lake that some dogs are able to climb.
* Large area is about 2.5 acres.
* Small area is about .25 acres.
* There is limited water access to a small lake.

NOTE: Be careful as water quality can vary – guardians are reminded to pick up and remove pet excrement to assist with water quality issues.
Howard Heuston Dog Park (Non-Fenced)

* Located on 34th Street, south of Iris Ave., east of 30th St.
* Voice and Sight Control area is designated by yellow poles.
* The remainder of the park is leash law.
* The size of the Voice and Sight area is approximately 1.25 acres.

For more information, contact the City of Boulder Parks and Recreation Department at (303) 413-7258.

Also check out:

Dry Creek, 56802 Baseline Rd

Foothills Community, 800 Cherry St.

Twin Lakes, Jay Rd & 63rd

Baseline Park, 56802 Baseline Rd

Bobolink Trailhead, Baseline & Cherryvale Rd.

Coot Lake, 5600 63rd St.

Mt. Sanitas / Sanitas Valley Trail, west on Mapleton just beyond 4th


Community Park, 955 Bella Vista (hey, I have a great piece of land for sale right near here!)

Davidson Mesa Trail, McCaslin & Washington (parking trailhead on west side of McCaslin)


Marshall Mesa, Hwy 93 & Marshall Rd


The Great Bark Park, 597 N. 119th.

Just to make it easy for you, here’s a tip from the City of Boulder website about dog rules:

All dog parks are within the city limits of Boulder and city ordinances are enforced. Leash laws do apply to all areas as you approach or exit the dog parks, whether walking home or to your parked vehicle (think of your dog’s safety and protection). Aggressive animals are prohibited and should not be brought to dog parks. In all areas, guardians are responsible for picking up and removing pet excrement. This is not only the law, but helps to keep dog parks clean, water sources uncontaminated, and your shoes free of unwanted smells! See Rules and Manners for more information.

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