Deconstruction Or Demolition In Boulder?

I was over near Borders and Whole Foods recently and noticed a building coming down nearby. The old movie theater is making way for some redevelopment in that area.

As I walked past I couldn’t help but take a quick photo with my TREO of this big change. My head was pondering the question: “what about deconstruction”?

Couldn’t these people follow the path set by developers like the folks building The Walnut in downtown Boulder? This is all part of the Crossroads Commons redevelopment I wrote about back in September.

Before the words passed my lips I overheard a couple walking near me as a woman explained to the guy she was with the difference between deconstruction versus demolition. As far as I could tell, and I think this couple saw the same thing, this looked remarkably like demolition.

The word I heard a few months ago was that the bookstore was moving into a new building on that site, the Jaycees were moving and the old rail road depot that sits next to the theater will have a new home. The last piece of that was supposedly that Whole Foods would take over the rest of the area when the bookstore vacates next to them.

I’m not talking about the contemporary philosophy of Jacques Derrida nor the band of the same name spawned from Jane’s Addiction members Avery and Navarro, but rather a process where many of the reusable materials from a building are removed and only a small fraction of the old building is torn down and sent to the landfill.

There are many changes in this part of town as things shift around. Improvements are everywhere and I know that one of the more interesting things will be when the transit village starts to take shape. I think we’ll see some impact on the area from that and it will be interesting to watch what happens to property values in the Steel Yards, Goose Creek and other nearby properties including the new project at the north east quadrant of the Twenty Ninth property.


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