C.U. Boulder May Pay For Your Bus Ride

rtd-bus-image.jpgA student at C.U. is trying to get the university to increase fees to all students by $2.10 per student per year, in an effort to subsidize the H.O.P. route so that everyone can ride for free.

Students themselves already ride all the RTD bus routes for free in that they have a mandatory fee of just over $50 per semester to cover their use of the buses.

The HOP route connects downtown, twenty ninth street, and the C.U. Campus. The student pushing for the change lives on the route and frequently sees that working-class people also use the HOP and with a recent fare increase are more frequently digging for change to pay the fare.

Now I didn’t know that students could ride for free. I guess I should know that but to be honest, it’s been a while since I spent time at a class at C.U. When I did, I walked to Campus mostly.

This sounds like a really cool idea that a student would actually think outside the ‘closed-loop’ world of thought of the C.U. Campus and want to do something for the community… especially the working class community of Boulder.

Hat’s off!

The Daily Camera Article can be read in it’s entirety on its website.

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  1. Kristi Springfield on February 16th, 2008 4:15 pm

    this would be really cool if we all got to ride for free. I like reading your blog and feel like i’m getting to know more about Boulder all the time.

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