Countrywide Real Estate Shenanigans?

Looks like Countrywide Financial Corp. proposed to settle on accusations that it fabricated evidence.

The supposed evidence was used in an attempt to foreclose on a home and this case went to a bankruptcy court. The judge listening to the bankruptcy case has apparently rejected Countrywide’s plan to settle the suit with the homeowner from the Pittsburgh area.

According to the recent articles in national publications which have referenced court documents, the borrower was current on payments but Countrywide was allegedly trying to collect thousands more dollars in fees.

How would you feel if you were in the middle of something like this? Doesn’t it seem outrageous that a homeowner who’s current on mortgage payments could end up in court?

Apparently Countrywide backed off and then offered to pay for this woman’s lawyers. Now she’s angry, and rightfully so, if this is all accurate, and she’s claiming that her credit is damaged due to the foreclosure attempt.

Even though reports state that the woman’s attorneys have proven in court that letters used as evidence by Countrywide were phony, Countrywide’s stance from their loan-servicing division states that this was some kind of mistake and misunderstanding.

What would you do in this situation?


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