ConocoPhillips Plans For StorageTek Site

There’s ongoing speculation about how the purchase of the former StorageTek site in Louisville by ConocoPhillips will impact the local economy. Some have said that it will take up to a year to see any real impact on the area.

You might remember the significant impact that Sun Microsystems and Level 3 Communications had on the Superior / Louisville / Broomfield local marketplace. There’s lots of talk that a similar impact is poised to hit us.

I’ve heard a few people complain that it’ll take too long to see the positive net effects of ConocoPhillips or that the particular use of the facility won’t bring many jobs or economic growth. I think they’re wrong.

ConocoPhillips has stated there are two uses for the site: One, a “global technology center,” specializing in research and development for new energy sources; and the other, a “corporate learning center,” which includes a multiple-classroom facility that would serve a wide variety of the company’s people.

Another key point is that the work to clear the former StorageTek / Sun buildings will be green oriented and eco-friendly. The stated plans are to ‘de-construct’ the old buildings sometime later this year after Sun has relocated the remaining staff still working in the facility now leased from ConocoPhillips.

I think that knowing that there are plans to de-construct and recycle as much as possible of the old facility, combined with the orientation of their work around alternative and new energy research and education is a great fit for the Boulder county and surrounding northwest corridor community.


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