ConocoPhillips Confirms Deconstruction Plans

I recently heard from Mary Manning about the deconstruction plans and schedule for the buildings on the old Storage Tek campus. Mary is the General Manager of Global Real Estate & Facilities for ConocoPhillips.There’s some great news coming about the work on their property.

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The ConocoPhillips plans for their newly acquired real estate in Louisville are definitely moving forward. I know that you’ve heard me say before that there’s a lot of local optimism associated with the fact that ConocoPhillips bought the old StorageTek / Sun Micro campus.

It looks like it’s no longer a good idea to consider wandering around on the property. I heard directly from Mary Manning on Friday that the deconstruction work is scheduled to start on Monday the 8th of December. From that day forward, she said we should expect that the property is closed to the public.

That’s probably a smart move for them. While it’s been a great place to go running, (mostly on the trails on the north part of the property over towards Monarch school) with the work getting started, it won’t be a safe environment to wander about if you’re not part of the work-force.

Keep in mind that ConocoPhillips is focused on DE-construction, not simply demolition. If you don’t remember the distinction, what’s cool about this is that by focusing on deconstruction, the emphasis is on reuse and recycle as opposed to just filling a landfill with wasted construction materials.

With tens of thousands of square feet of building to remove, I’m really happy to see they’ve taken this approach to their reuse of the 400+ acres in Louisville.

While it may be a while before the ConocoPhillips executives and engineers start to filter into the local area, you know we’re already planning strategies to assist them with the housing needs. Inventory levels are low right now in the housing market; which is real estate jargon meaning that there aren’t a lot of homes for sale right now. That will change as the seasons turn and deconstruction gets into full swing.

We’re poised to help all levels of new residents coming into the area. I’ve already met with several people from various ancillary businesses that have come here as a result of the ConocoPhillips land purchase announcement. There are surely more to come. So, while it may take ConocoPhillips several years to get into full swing, the process of building the infrastructure and business that is to become CP’s presence in our area will have a long-term positive effect on our community and economy.

It’s supposed to take at least eight months to complete the deconstruction process, so spend your time watching that progress from a distance, (yeah, don’t go driving onto the campus looking for wrecking balls) and keep safe. I’ll report back and give you updates too.

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-Zachary Epps, full-time professional Realtor® and EcoBroker®


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