Conoco Phillips Comes To Louisville

It’s now official, Conoco Phillips will begin constructing its global training and new energy research and development facility at the former StorageTek / Sun Microsystems campus in Louisville Colorado. This is big news for Superior, Louisville, and Broomfied for sure!

ConocoPhillips has submitted plans to Louisville Colorado city officials, and the expectation is that ConocoPhillips will open the first phase of the project — as much as 1.6 million square feet of the new facility — by 2013.

Think this isn’t a big deal yet? I hope you follow the positive impact we’ve been talking about on the local economy. In it’s hay-day, Storage Tek employed about 4000 workers. When the third and final phase of the ConocoPhillips facility is fully up and running, ConocoPhillips’ own reports say they expect to employ approximately double that number of people.

What about all the ancillary jobs due to construction, associated businesses’ growth, and the big topic that hits most of us: housing prices?

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In a six-inch thick packet of documents submitted to the City of Louisville, ConocoPhillips outlined a specific plan to complete a 2.5 million square foot campus which will be built in three phases.

The first phase which includes 1.6 million square feet will be finished and ready to roll by 2013 (heck we’re just about to 2010, so we’re only looking at maybe 3 years), the second phase of another 150,000 square feet should be up and running by 2018 and the final piece which includes 750,000 square feet by about 2032.

I expect with the response from local business owners and residents who have historical thoughts about the days of StorageTek and how it positively impacted their bottom line, we’re in for a nice steady ride economically over the next 3 to 23 years.

Finally, it’s official, ConocoPhillips is under construction.

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