Composting In Boulder

Boulder has a composting program, but some of you may not live within the area served by the program, or may want to do your own composting at home.

If you want to conserve energy, produce your own mulch for your plants and garden, and keep food-based waste out of the landfill, composting is a great way to do all that and more.

ecomposterBoulder’s composting and recycling program isn’t the best in the country, but the locals are working on it all the time.

I found a interesting video about composting through the Wall Street Journal which I’ve shared with you in this post, and there are a number of websites you can find with a quick Google search for “composting” to get you started.

Adding compost to your garden improves the soil structure, aeration and water retention, which are all big benefits to healthy plant growth. Compost also adds important micro-nutrients, and it increases the bacterial activity in the soil which promotes growth too.

I had a garden years ago which was rich with compost, and my basil plants that year grew about 30 inches high and almost as wide. It was amazing, and an early snow storm forced me to pull them but I was in basil heaven, thanks to compost, for a long time that fall.

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The Wall Street Journal Composting video shows some cool info, and if you don’t mind the 10 second commercial, it’s kind of funny, and worth a look to check out some composting tools and devices that make it easy to compost so you don’t have to stand out in the back yard with a pitch fork turning your pile of food waste.

One of my favorites, which I saw on TV this morning is the Ecomposter. You need some time to put it together, but once it’s in place, looks like a cool set up.

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