Century Theater Gives Tour Of New Commercial Boulder Real Estate

boulder century theaterI was looking forward to seeing my friends, Jen and Walt Voegtli today for lunch.

One of the things I love about my profession, selling Boulder Real Estate, is that I get to make it my business to socialize a lot, and spend time face to face with my friends and clients.

We agreed to meet and go over to the Railyard Restaurant at 29th Street in central Boulder Colorado.29th1.jpg

As we were fortunate enough to have a beautiful day today, we chose a table on the patio, and Jen noticed the Century Theater. They both mentioned their disappointment about missing the VIP night that I brought many of my clients and friends to last month.

boulder theater tourWell heck, I thought this was a great time to give my brother a ring. I called him up and he offered to give us a tour of the new theater. We got to see all the ‘back end’ stuff like the projection booths and the high tech gear in his new, state-of-the-art movie cineplex. (that was for you, Joel).

Today I really wanted to try something newer again (hence Railyard) since we’ve been to Rincon Del Sol (which by the way is a local favorite in my circle for great mexican food) about every time we get together.

I originally thought we’d head out to KT’s BBQ at 75th and Arapahoe Road outside of Boulder Colorado. Since Jen works in Lafayette, that would save her some driving. As it turned out, she was the one with some extra time, so we all met at Walt’s workplace at ArrayBiopharma. Now, I think Walt said what he does is BioChemistry, and Jen is busy creating Viruses, so sometimes it really creeps me out to talk to them about their work. Besides, it’s over my head most of the time anyway.

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-Zachary Epps, full-time professional Realtor® and EcoBroker®


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