Louisville, Colorado Sam’s Club Urban Renewal Plan

The Louisville, Colorado Sam’s Club building has been vacant since the business vacated the building in 2010.

Since then, people around town have often wondered how a retail opportunity like this can be vacant in such a vibrant and thriving community, such as Louisville.

Now it seems that revitalization of the property at 550 S. McCaslin Blvd. is beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel.

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Louisville Colorado Sam’s Club Redevelopment

Finally we are hearing that the Louisville, Colorado Sam’s Club building may not sit vacant much longer.

Recent news indicates that a local group of investors has purchased the building on McCaslin Blvd. and plans on getting some new retail business in there once again.

Sam’s Club closed about four years ago, and it’s sat empty every since.

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Louisville Colorado Real Estate Market Q3 Info

The market is still hot inĀ Louisville Colorado and all through the first three quarters of 2012 residential real estate has sold well, if you could find something to buy.

That’s been the big issue locally is that there’s what we call ‘low inventory’. With very few homes for sale, relative to the demand, you’d think more sellers would get on the band wagon and see that it’s a great time to sell.

Perhaps it’s because while homes are selling quickly if they’re priced right and prepared and marketed properly, values / prices haven’t risen yet.

There’s usually a lag of at least a couple of years, and that’s just about what it’s been… two years since we’ve seen a sharp uptick in the number of homes sold in the local area.

Some of what continues to drive people to this locale continue to be proximity to amenities, and jobs throughout Louisville and the surrounding area including Interlocken, the highway 36 corridor, Denver, Boulder and Broomfield.

Also, high opinions and high ratings on the local schools seems to be a driving factor for many people.

The booming activity with lots of great restaurants and shops on Main Street in downtown Louisville doesn’t seem to hurt either.

Let’s take a look at the third quarter statistics for Louisville, Colorado.

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Louisville Farmers Market

The Louisville Farmer’s Market is coming to an end in about a month, so if you like snatching up that fresh produce grown on local farms, you need to get over there before October 13th, 2012.

The Louisville Farmer’s Market has been happening since 2008.

You can find goods from Colorado farms such as Boyles Family Farms, Enchanted Hills Farms, Kiowa Valley Organics and Miller Farms from Platteville, as well as the Waterhouse Gardens in Erie.

There’s also often produce from Palisade Orchards: C&R Farms, Red Fox Run, and Saims Fruit.

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Steel Ranch Boulder Creek Builders

While there’s very little inventory in the Boulder County real estate market (very few homes for sale), and it’s even rarer in places like Louisville, Boulder Creek Builders is still selling patio homes just about as fast as they can build them.

This area continues to be a very hot market, and it’s one of only a couple of Louisville, Colorado neighborhoods with new home construction.

Boulder Creek Builders has quickly made a name for itself in our area.

The Steel Ranch development was part of the 2012 Flatirons Tour of Homes, and it was a winner in several categories.

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