Longmont Colorado Residential Development Controversy

Renaissance Village apartment complexThe Longmont, Colorado City Council will be forced to make a decision soon about a controversial residential development near the intersection of Clover Basin Drive and Airport road.

According to a recent article in the Longmont Times Call, the Longmont Planning and Zoning Commission approved the 276-unit Renaissance Village apartment complex.

A more recent article in the Daily Camera indicates that due to appeals from neighbors, the Longmont City Council will be forced to decide the future of Renaissance Village.

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Longmont Colorado Gets Lucky’s Market

Boulder-Based Lucky’s Market is expanding and we’ll soon see a Lucky’s in Longmont, Colorado.

I’ve been a fan of Lucky’s for years, and many of the locals who live in the ever expanding northern part of Boulder are feelin’ Lucky too.

Now, folks in central Longmont near Ken Pratt Blvd and Main will be Lucky.

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Longmont Gets Memory-Loss Care Center

Know anyone struggling with Alzheimer’s disease, or another memory-loss related illness? You’ll then be glad to know that Longmont will soon see a special 56-apartment facility called the AltaVita Memory Care Center.

The facility is specifically dedicated to those who are dealing with memory loss.

Oriented around clients who have very special and specific needs such as those who are affected by Alzheimer’s disease, the locally-owned and family oriented facility will include a 36,000 square foot complex, with an inner courtyard, and four pods extending off of the courtyard.

The facility is scheduled to open in April.

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Longmont Colorado Rennaissance Designer Home For Sale

This is a gorgeous, and extremely beautiful designer, ranch-style home in the Renaissance neighborhood of south western Longmont, Colorado. A newer neighborhood, with new schools, full of trails, parks, and an easy commute to Boulder.

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Home Builders Getting Smart In Longmont

Have you ever wondered why some areas of the county seem to have too much inventory (too many homes for sale), and that the prices seem to be lower than most of the other towns?

Longmont has historically been one of these areas, and it’s no surprise given the massive amount of over-building and over-supply that’s dominated the area in the last several years. Finally, some local builders are getting the right idea and pulling out. Read more

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