Lafayette Colorado New Residential Development Hearteye Project

weems hearteye propertyLafayette, Colorado may have a new residential development soon as pressure mounts to provide more housing to the booming area.

An 80-acre parcel owned for many years by the Weems family just west of Highway 287 and south of Arapahoe Road has been home to what’s historically been referred to as the Boulder Valley School. (That’s the sign you’ll see on the south side of Arapahoe if you drive by the property to check it out.

The plan includes a proposal for over 450 single-family homes, as well as multi-family units and a small bit of neighborhood commercial use development intended primarily to support the proposed Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm which is intended to be part of the project.

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Lafayette Colorado Real Estate Market

home-sales-up-315-304The Lafayette, Colorado real estate market situation is good, and based on price per square foot, the trend is definitely upwards.

I have for you with a chart to give you an image which should help you get a better picture of how things are looking in this market over the last three years.

While average price per square foot isn’t always the best way to analyze value in a narrow time period (such as when you’re coming up with a price to sell your home), it is an excellent way to get a handle on how things are trending, and that’s the basis for this post is to illuminate what the trends look like for Lafayette right now based on the last three years.

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Lafayette Colorado Next Boom Town

Lafayette, Colorado appears to be on the verge of being the next boom town in the front-range area.

Lots of new restaurants, shops, and an influx of new residents who are attracted to this small-town lifestyle and proximity to the mountains, Boulder Valley schools, and the lifestyle that attracts kudos to towns like Boulder and Louisville Colorado keeps the City of Lafayette rockin’.

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Lafayette Colorado Strathmore Park Apartments Sold

strathmore park apts lafayette coloradoThe Lafayette, Colorado apartment business is apparently very strong.

Lafayette’s Strathmore Park Apartment complex recently sold again, and for a significantly higher amount than the last sale.

I think it’s pretty clear that investing in rental property in general is a good move these days in our area.

Rents in Boulder County are up considerably, and vacancy rates are extremely low.

I’ll give you my honest opinion on what’s going on with investment and rental property in our area at the end of my post.

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Lafayette Colorado Fracking

Fracking seems to be a hot topic in our area, even though most of the perceived activity if one looks at the areas where there are most of the wells is quite a bit east of Boulder.

In nearby Lafayette, Colorado there’s quite a buzz about fracking as the Lafayette City Council has instructed its City Attorney to draft resolutions stating its opposition to a proposed ban on hydraulic fracturing in the city.

Did we hear that right? A resolution to a proposed ban on fracking?

Usually it’s the other way around when we hear things in the media, or in conversation around the county about fracking.

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