Flatirons Habitat For Humanity Building in Lafayette

It’s been a few years in the works but Flatirons Habitat is moving along with their project in Coal Creek Village in Lafayette, CO.

The construction is a four-plex in Lafayette just off of Public Road in Lafayette.

It’s a pretty convenient location to downtown Lafayette, Louisville, Hwy 287, Good Sam Hospital / Kaiser and the Northwest Parkway.

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Flatirons Habitat For Humanity Needs Something Different

Ever thought of wanting to help out your local Habitat For Humanity affiliate. I’ll bet you might not even realize that there’s a local affiliate serving Boulder Valley! Flatirons Habitat For Humanity has been building in our area for years.

Many of us think about helping, but how often do you actually get up and do something? Well, now might be an easy time, and you don’t need to swing a hammer or get out your wallet.

With many of us cleaning out the garage, basement, or storage room, we’re coming across things we may not have used in a while. If it’s time to find a new home for some of those unused or unwanted household items, there are two ways you can help.

The Habitat Re-Store will happily accept donations of furniture and other household items, and the Habitat For Humanity build site, currently working in north east Boulder is in need of some tools and materials that you might be able to offer. I’ve included a list which you can look over. Why not dig up an item or two to help Flatirons Habitat For Humanity?

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Flatirons Habitat For Humanity Benefit

Double D’s Pizza and Mimi’s Cafe benefit Flatirons Habitat for Humanity.
Please take advantage of a great meal and support Flatirons Habitat for Humanity at the same time. We would like to thank Double D’s and Mimi’s for their support, they are a true asset to our community.

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Habitat For Humanity Progress

Several weeks ago, I had a discussion with the Executive Director of Flatirons Habitat For Humanity, John Lovell, about building a new team to get the word out in our community about this local Habitat For Humanity affiliate.

In recent phone and email conversations, as well as face-to-face meetings with several people dedicated to helping our local Habitat For Humanity efforts, I’m very excited about how things are coming together for us.

My most recent meeting with advertising experts Chris Stongle and Dennis Wright has shown me once again how the power of relationship building, a sense of gratitude, and a desire to give back to the community can accomplish great things.

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Flatirons Habitat For Humanity Ramping Up Building Agenda

Boulder real estate is sometimes a little pricey for the average home buyer. In fact, there has been a real estate trend in Boulder county towards home building and home buying all over the county.

Not only because Boulder’s more expensive than it ever used to be, but because the surrounding communities have shown to have wonderful amenities for people wanting that ‘Colorado Lifestyle’. In fact, a national magazine is coming to Louisville , CO again to determine if it will rank that city one of the best places to live in the USA.

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