SanDisk acquires Fusion-io



Fusion-io, the Salt Lake City – based flash drive maker was recently acquired by SanDisk Corp, another flash drive maker for over $1 billion recently.

I’ve driven by a building locally with the Fusion-io logo on it and often wondered about the details on what was cooking over there, but not until this acquisition made the news did it get more of my attention.

While the Fusion-io stocks are no longer trading on Nasdaq, it hopefully means good things for Fusion-io owners and workers who have facilities in two locations in Boulder county.

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Markel Homes Embraces Energy Star 3.0

Markel Homes, a Boulder-based home builder announced that it is now adhering to the Energy Star 3.0 standards.

For years Boulder and the surrounding communities have enjoyed the high-quality construction and classic/contemporary styles from Markel Homes. Whether it’s the North End in Louisville, Niwot Meadow Farm, White Hawk Ranch or Boulder’s Dakota Ridge, and many others around Boulder County, you’ll know it if you’ve ever been inside a Markel Homes property.

I’ve been a fan of Markel for a long time, and this builder doesn’t disappoint. Several clients have purchased a Markel home with my help, and I’m happy to say they all are quite pleased.

Now with this new step forward, embracing Energy Star 3.0, Markel confirms what I’ve known all along — Markel strives to meet the demands and needs of buyers.

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Young Ambassadors of America Tours

A Boulder county local organization, the Young Ambassadors of America, hosts educational and inspirational trips around the nation, and the world. Young Ambassadors is one of many local area Boulder businesses which brings the kind of culture and interest to the community that continues to draw people from all over the country to relocate to our area.

With roots originally in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the couple who started the organization moved to Boulder county in 2010.

Young Ambassadors of America, LLC, provides educational travel experiences for middle school and high school students, ranging from Colorado Frontier History Tours to Washington DC’s Founding Father’s tours and ultimately the International Diplomacy tours to France.

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Butler’s Backyard Business

I work out at the gym with a local magistrate. We share stories of running, and times and general fitness. And what intrigued me was that I heard his  son started a business when he was 9 years old.

I found it interesting, due in part because his son Justin started his business when he was so young, but soon had his own IRA and garnered some rather regular business for a young guy.

I hope you’ll read further, and get in touch with Justin if you think he might be able to help you.

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Improve Your FICO Score

Want to increase your FICO score? You need to know some important tips to manage your credit. It can be easy to increase your FICO score by 100 points or even several hundred points, if you know how to time your payments, what kind of debt to have, and other key tactics.

Ryan Keip, CEO of Precision Credit Group, is dedicated to helping those people who might benefit most from more knowledge about FICO credit scores and how they work.

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