Catalyst Education of Colorado

I spent some time working on a committee again this year for the Community Foundation Serving Boulder County. As a part of my volunteer work for the Community Foundation’s education committee, I learned about many organizations in need of financial support. One in particular caught my eye; it’s called Catalyst Education of Colorado.

As my work as a Boulder Realtor serving Boulder County takes me into many different areas of the community, and many people’s lives, I get to learn new things about our community all the time.

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While I say that I felt Catalyst Edu got my attention, it certainly wasn’t the only educational organization that stood out. There were certainly many great schools in need of help, and that made our job as a committee very difficult. There were more requests for funds than there was money to go around, which is a typical issue.

Anyway, back to Catalyst. Since we wanted to get a better idea of how it was run, and what its purpose is for the community, we scheduled a site visit. We met with a few of the instructors and also a couple of the students briefly.There’s a high level of touch in this learning community, and a superb student to teacher ratio.

My overall impression is that this school fills another very important gap for the community. The focus is on providing an opportunity for high school kids that have typically a very high level of performance ability, but need extra guidance and management which falls outside of the normal realm of the typical school system.

Those are my words, not theirs, and I won’t drag this out for you with too much detail. I felt that it might be sufficient to tell you that it appears to be an outstanding organization that’s achieving some great results. You can judge for yourself by looking at their website.

There were many great organizations that made grant requests, I only wish the Community Foundation could fund them all. We’ll learn in the early part of 2009 which of our recommendations the Board of Directors agreed with, and who’ll get the money. In the meantime, I hope the fund raising goes well for them.

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-Zachary Epps, full-time professional Realtor® and EcoBroker®


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