Butler’s Backyard Business

I work out at the gym with a local magistrate. We share stories of running, and times and general fitness. And what intrigued me was that I heard his  son started a business when he was 9 years old.

I found it interesting, due in part because his son Justin started his business when he was so young, but soon had his own IRA and garnered some rather regular business for a young guy.

I hope you’ll read further, and get in touch with Justin if you think he might be able to help you.

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Here’s the story on Justin from his dad,  Pat Butler:

Butlers’ Backyard Business, LLC was started by Justin and I in 2003 when Justin was 9 years old. I wanted to teach him about responsibility, work ethic, business, and just give him a chance to make some money.

There weren’t too many kids with a ROTH IRA I suspect who started it at age 9. He and I picked up some commercial and residential lawns along the way and he’s made some nice bank over the years doing lawn mowing, weeding, trimming, hedge clipping, yard waste hauling, furniture hauling, raking leaves, etc. We lost two commercial accounts that we’ve had the last few years so he only has a few residential lawns lined up right now.

Justin is now 17 years old and Junior at Monarch High. He’s on  the wrestling team and if he gets busy enough he’ll hire a pal or two of his to help him out.

He’s  always run it as a legitimate business that files taxes every year. We have a tax ID# and are registered as an LLC with the Colorado Secretary of State.

He’s generally a good worker and very reliable. He has a little red pickup that he uses for the business. See photo above. Give me a call and I’ll get you in touch with Justin…or call him directly at 303-478-5408.

Generally speaking, BBB does lawn mowing, weeding, trimming, yard waste hauling, light furniture hauling (getting rid of or donating chairs, couches, lamps, etc), and have also done some mulch and rock pickup and delivery, plant pickup and delivery from Home Depot or Lowe’s, … that kind of thing.

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