Boulder’s NCAR loses Climate Program

One of the local laboratories that employs many Boulder residents is the National Center for Atmospheric Research. It also has a great website for checking the local weather forecast, even if that use is an under-utilization of the tremendous work done at NCAR; I find it to be the most accurate of any weather forecasting resources.

What’s disappointing to learn is that the Center for Capacity Building at Boulder’s NCAR facility has been shut down.

The center was headed by a senior scientist, Michael Glantz. Glantz provided training to countries around the world with limited financial resources. The training was designed  to help these countries better forecast, and cope with climate, water, and weather extremes and disasters, including floods.

The Center for Capacity Building has a budget of about $500,000 and it was funded by the National Science Foundation. Apparently budget cuts have caused the closing of the Center.

This has some U.S. senators unhappy and taking action. Senators Robert Menendez, John Kerry, Robert Casey and Bernard Sanders have drafted a letter to President Bush urging him to reopen the center, and they expressed support for the NCAR program which helps countries anticipate and respond to the changes caused by global warming.

If it means jobs for local Boulderites, I’m all for it. If it has global implications as well, even better.


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