Boulder Seniors Have Many Assisted Living Options

As both Baby Boomers and the ‘silent generation’ find themselves in their senior years and planning to find living solutions to cover their needs we can turn to many different communities in the Boulder County area.

Sometimes people get stuck on the notion that moving from your home to an assisted-living, independent-living or nursing home essentially means you lose independence. That’s not necessarily the case. Just as some folks move from a single-family home into a condo or town home in order to down size and free up their time, this can be the case for alternative living solutions like those mentioned above.

I have some close friends that already have a plan to move toFrasier Meadows Retirement Community. Not because they can’t take care of themselves or their house, but rather it’s because they want the freedom from all that work of maintenance and hassle. Besides, they say, many of their friends are living there now and they look forward to the security of a solid plan for this part of their life. Like many things in life, having a plan give you lots of freedom. Having a well thought-out plan can also give you peace-of-mind and keep you out of hot water. If you have to figure out an alternative living solution in a rush, you probably won’t make a very well-informed decision.

I have a few homeowners in Boulder I’ve been talking to about this and we’re looking at very comfortable timelines. They’ve determined when they want to sell their current home (some of you have lived in the home for decades) and what will need to be done to get the home market-ready. Since most plans like this are long-term (typically 3 to 5 years out) there’s ample time to implement work on deferred maintenance and to study the real estate market in order to respond to changes.

Here’s a brief list of some Assisted-Living / Independent-Living facilities in the Boulder area. This is by no means an endorsement, per se, or a comprehensive list. It’ll give you a starting point though to do some of your own research and see what’s appropriate for you when you’re ready.

Frasier Meadows Retirement Community

350 Ponca Place


Golden West

1055 Adams Circle


Balfour Retirement Community

1855 Plaza Drive / Louisville


Boulder Meridian

801 Gillaspie Drive


WynnWood at Ridge Point

3375 34th St.


Sunrise Assisted Living

3955 28th St.


Brookdale Senior Living – Villas at the Atrium

3350 30th St.


The Academy / The Academy at Bella Vista

970 Aurora Ave.


Shawnee Gardens

4755 Shawnee Place


While there are other options all over the metro area and probably as many as 40 to 50 facilities when you explore Louisville, Lafayette, Longmont, Broomfield and beyond, hopefully this helps you get started in your research. Different facilities have different emphasis, varied histories and costs so ask lots of questions, take a tour and get referrals to make sure you find something that meets your own personal needs and wants.

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