Boulder Restaurant: Kasa Japanese Grill

One of the Boulder Restaurants I’ve been wanting to try for the last 18 months or so since it opened is Kasa Japanese Grill. I finally got in there over the Memorial Day weekend with my family and it was a very pleasant surprise.

The food, service and atmosphere were terrific. Now that may sound a bit trite but for those of you who might not read past here, I wanted itto be clear that this is definitely a place I’ll go back to soon.

Our waiter was very genuine and friendly, patient with my kids and seemed to know just when to return to check on us or our food. We ordered a varied selection of things. My father and I had different bento box meals, the kids chose identical combo meals with Unagi and my wife picked a sushi ‘chef’s choice’.

Everything was extremely tasty and fresh and, given that my kids are sushi fanatics, we had to get a few samplings from the sushi bar as we knew Connie wouldn’t have enough to share. I ordered four pieces of Uni, as it’s one of my favorites as well as a great test of what a Sushi Chef considers ‘fresh’ in my opinion, and even my dad had some of it and liked it.

We sat on the patio since it was a beautiful day and every time I ventured in to the inside dining area I had to tell myself I’d be back. The decor and atmosphere was very appealing and stylistically different than many Boulder Japanese / Sushi offerings. I’ll look forward to a return visit when the weather isn’t so insistent on luring me to the patio.

A rumor I’ve heard is that Kasa doesn’t advertise because, so the story goes, the owner doesn’t believe advertising works. I’m worried about this. With about 16 years in the marketing and advertising industry in a previous career, I know that promotion for a restaurant is usually a key to success. Perhaps I’ll do my part with some viral marketing here to help see that a great restaurant succeeds. I’ve seen posts on Yelp, rarepattern, twitter, and others. They got a lot of exposure on the corner of 14th and Pearl streets right at the east entrance to the Pearl Street bricks.

One of the best parts of our meal at Kasa was that the whole package worked. The food was great and it was a good value compared to other places I’ve eaten in Boulder. The staff performed well and the facility is pleasant inside and out. I got to spend some great time with my family (and Dad picked up the tab!).

I hope that Kasa does well because I like the place and I want to return again soon.


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