Boulder Realtor Visits Peloton Again

You may have been wondering what’s next at the Boulder Peloton, and so I thought I’d check on their progress.

I seem to be on their list as a Boulder Realtor of interest and so I keep getting updates. Just recently the Peloton staff had another open house, but this time for Boulder Realtors.

I went over just before the hail, rain and tornadoes hit our area last Thursday, to see how the place is coming along. You might be interested to know that they have units completed and ready for occupancy right now. The wait is apparently over; I found more than a half dozen condos completely finished.

While there isn’t very much variety in the fit and finish of these units, there is a reasonable difference in size and layout. Each unit sports the same general amenities in the kitchen and baths; it’s just that some of them have more rooms or larger rooms.

If you’re thinking about this project you might want to ask about units available on an upper level unless you want to get to experience the construction process first-hand.

There is a lot of activity all around the property during the day (I was there about 11:00 a.m.), including cement trucks and laborers roaming back and forth through the center driveway, parking and courtyard areas. For these lower level units on the tour, it was a little bit like being in a fish-bowl. I’m pretty sure all of that will subside in a few weeks as the crew moves to other buildings.

There are eight condos in building “C” for sale, ranging in price from $289,900 for a 756 square foot Impala model up to $669,900 for a 1673 square foot Natural model. The pricing is only valid through June 21, 2008 as it stands right now; so give me a ring or an email soon if you want a buyer’s agent like me to help you with your new purchase.


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