Boulder Realtor Investigates Solar Village

solar_wind.jpgI spent the afternoon, or part of it anyway, exploring what Solar Village Homes is all about and had the great opportunity to meet architect Alex Platt, co founder of Solar Village. As a Boulder realtor who completed his EcoBroker work last year, I’ve been continuing to explore local resources for my clients interested in green building techniques and ideas; as well as local builders and developers using BuiltGreen and other environmentally friendly procedures including solar power and solar management.

Alex Platt is a wonderfully amiable man, and considering I just dropped in unexpectedly on his yesterday afternoon, he was incredibly generous with his time. I got the impression that he truly is passionate about his work. Hearing about the considerable efforts he and his cohorts at Solar Village have gone through to implement numerous building techniques and materials to embrace a holistic approach to sustainable design confirms this for me.

With a ‘bottom-up’ approach to designing a home, Alex and his team at Solar Village find ways to build homes that perform better at all levels which maximizes a builder and homeowner’s return on investment as well as comfort of the home and energy savings.

As an example, one of the homes sold as part of the Solar Village Condos at Prospect New Town near the south end of Longmont, Colorado is virtually ‘off the grid’. Through various design techniques and technology utilizations, some of them fairly low-tech, the condo rarely to never has a need to run the heating system. An amazing feature with many obvious benefits to an owner of a condominium in snowy Colorado.

While my time with Alex was inspirational and informative, I couldn’t possibly retain the amazing amounts of information he shared with me in the afternoon meeting. We’ve made plans to meet again for a field trip or two and more future sessions to explore what Solar Village is all about and how they’re leading the way to helping developers, builders and homeowners utilize the sustainable design benefits we’re becoming so passionate about in this community.

Please continue to look for more posts from me about Alex Platt’s Solar Village Homes and details on his recent project at Solar Village / Prospect New Town as well as new information on the Solar Village “Zero” which he refers to as The Eco-Friendly Home of the Future… here Today.

More information is available in the meantime, at the Solar Village website.

I’ll post specific information about Prospect’s Solar Village homes for sale and other details about what makes Alex’s work at Solar Village timely and important very soon!


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