Boulder Realtor Continues CERT Training

You might not know what CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) training is, but this Boulder Realtor intends to be prepared for disaster incidents so that he can help the neighborhood. I found recently that FEMA funded some grants that give local civilians the opportunity to know how first responders such as fire fighters, police and other government agencies operate during an incident.

Last week I went with my father-in-law to a weekend exercise for another CERT group that needed some help with their final exam. We spent time as volunteer victims inside an abandoned grocery store simulating post-tornado tragedy.

The CERT trainers did a great job with make-up and all sorts of things to simulate real injuries so that the final exam would be as realistic as possible for the trainees. I even got an amazingly realistic leg injury where some debris had punctured my leg.

On a recent outing I spoke with a fire fighter in our local area and he said he was really glad to hear that there were citizens in the area taking this training and getting certified to assist local first responders.

More importantly, there are two major points worth noting: first, many of us have not made the preparations to collect things we’ll need if we have to leave our homes or if we will be house bound for a few days without assistance. Second we have no idea how to avoid becoming a victim rather than a helper during a crisis incident.

I’m looking for more people in our area who are interested in this sort of thing. It would be cool to have a group of folks that would like to do the CERT training so that we can support our community.


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