Boulder Real Estate Update

photo_091107_010.jpgToday there are 6 Boulder real estate listings that are either new to the market or have price changes as of last night.Only one appears to be new today and there are 5 others that show a price change.

The new home on the Boulder real estate market today is 4243 Amber St at $475,000. Not bad for an eleven year old home just off Hwy 36 in Arbor Glen.

While some sellers still seem to be trying to hit a ‘home run’ and list for some high prices such as $1,250,000.00 up on ‘the hill’. Eventually bringing prices down where they might need to be… (should we try $995,000.00?) might help actually get the home sold. Only time and the market can tell. Taking 180 days to get close to the right price might be a rough strategy in todays market, even in the high demand areas of Boulder like the Hill. Pricing close to market value in the first place might work well also.

Here’s the homes with price reductions on the market today:

4796 6th St $875,000 / 4056 sq ft
408 Alpine Ave $829,000 / 2396 sq ft
1040 Rose Hill Dr $995,000 / 2689 sq ft
465 University Ave $1490000 / 3949 sq ft
1275 Wildwood Rd $860,000 / 4860 sq ft

4796 6th looks like it’s getting down to the price where it might sell, the 408 Alpine Ave house is coming down in price after 55 days on the market which makes sense and it’s in a great location. University at 4th is also in a prime part of town if you want to be close to the foothills and have a big budget but it looks like a nice remodel from the photos…

My top choice this week is 1275 Wildwood Rd. For location alone this is a stand-out. If you’ve got some $ for remodeling it’s a great find if you’re ready to pull out the dark 1970’s era cabinets. With a price drop of about $900k down to $860k it’ll be interesting to see if someone steps up to this one. I’m just wondering why this took five months to start adjusting price to find the market.

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-Zachary Epps, full-time professional Realtor® and EcoBroker®


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