Boulder Real Estate Not Seeing Brunt of Mortgage Crisis

moneyThe Boulder Daily Camera Business Plus on Monday printed an article by Mark Collins that I thought was particularly interesting.

His article: The Mortgage Mess covered several salient issues but one of the conclusions that really struck home is the simple fact that it boils down to simple supply and demand economics.

Boulder’s left with fairly little room to grow due to the natural boundaries like the foothills and strategic planning oriented boundaries like open space land and a continued high buyer demand (this is a major contrast to some other regions like Las Vegas or Phoenix which have more continued growth potential). The Boulder real estate market isn’t immune to adjustments but… if the popularity of local real estate and the lifestyle choices that come with living in the Boulder area continue, we’re in relatively good shape I think.

The other thing we’ve often seen is that our area is often in a different loop in the cycle of ups and downs. We usually see market corrections ‘off cycle’ from other markets so when those markets start falling or at least correcting, typically we’ve already been through that part of the current cycle and tend to be trending upwards in contrast.

While Foreclosures are high in Colorado and even in Boulder County, we’re by no means leading the country. As far as local appreciation concerns, the hardest hit areas recently for both low or static appreciation and high foreclosures seem to be higher in Longmont and Erie. The recent issues at Amgen in Longmont will certainly cause some grumbling in that part of our market also.

The best advice I feel I can give my buyers in any of our local markets for Boulder and the surrounding area is take care of your credit, choose your lender carefully and buy with a long term plan for the future. Real estate always works out to be a great investment in the long term if you do your homework and have great representation.

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-Zachary Epps, full-time professional Realtor® and EcoBroker®


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