Boulder Real Estate Market Update

With four new homes for sale and another eight dropping their prices, things are still active in the Boulder Real Estate market.

Of the twelve homes in this recent review, there’s still a wide spread in price from $177,900 to $634,987.

Now there are many more for sale, don’t misunderstand me, these are just the changes in the last day. Ok, so of these 12, the average price is $634,987 and the average days they’ve been on the market is down to 61 days.

It’s pretty clear though that with 1/3 of these new to the market, there’s a few that have been for sale for quite some time now as there are a few banging on the four and five month door…

810-marshall-rd.jpgHow about 810 Marshall Rd? 208 days on the market so far.

It’s a little bit of a unique property and they’ve been working hard to find the market price for this one with price drops on a pretty regular basis over the last several months.

810-marshall-view.jpgIt’s in an interesting location with some good views but I’m wondering if $600,000 is still a little high. Maybe not, with 2 acres of land somebody’s going to pick it up.

The way the map shows this, it looks like it’s right up against Hwy 93 where Broadway comes out of the south end of town. I believe this is the most unfortunate part of this little piece of property but given the way things go here, depending on the specific orientation of the property (and I’m not talking about the current structure) it may still be quite a nice spot. I hear a bulldozer warming up I think.


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