Boulder Real Estate Market Statistics

Here are the Boulder real estate market statistics for March 2008.

I’ll give you a review of the high and low prices and some other info to help you see what’s been going on in the local Boulder real estate market. Since you keep asking me how Boulder and the surrounding area is doing compared to the national market, this might be helpful for you to see if you agree with what I’ve been saying.

I’ll leave the national news and media to do their thing, but let’s see what the data shows us about what’s really happening with prices and real estate sales. I think that the truth is in the data and you can decide for yourself what to conclude from all of this. The national market and the national economy might be a hot topic right now but our local economy is very different from some of these other ‘troubled’ areas like Michigan, Florida, and Las Vegas, or any other nationally-hyped “trouble area”.

Here’s some interesting quarterly data to consider:

As compared to first quarter 2007, the median price is up 10% at $580,000.

Sales volume, as measured by total dollars of real estate inventory sold is up 7%.

Units (single-family homes) sold is down 7% at 173 home sold.

Here’s the Boulder real estate market data for March 2008:

This is only data for single-family homes (not condos & town homes)


Number sold: 60

High Price: $2,737,500

Low Price: $270,000

Average Price: $687,004

ADOM: 88


Number for sale: 408

High Price: $2,790,000

Low Price: $249,000

Average Price: $868,256

ADOM: 88


High Price: $4,900,000

Low Price: $314,900

ADOM: 151


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