Boulder Real Estate Market Hot List

photo_092507_013.jpgOn my Hot List for the Boulder Real Estate Market this week is the Dakota Ridge neighborhood.

It’s one of the areas of Boulder that seems to keep doing well and is remaining strong in the market. This is one of the places in Boulder that I see prices still strong and demand strong as well. They kind of go hand-in-hand…

I touched on some of this in my previous post: Boulder Real Estate Prices: Negotiating To Win. There are some sold stats at the end of this post for you data junkies. Dakota Ridge seems to me to still be a good value for buyers and at the same time servicing current homeowners well also. How can I say that? It sounds like a contradiction perhaps? I disagree if you think of it in terms of buying for the purposes of living in the home for a while. This neighborhood includes many things that Boulderites have come here for and they all focus on lifestyle choices / quality of life. This is not investment advice, per se, but my opinion based on my personal view.

Now, here’s a few stats for those inclined towards data. Please consider the following: This is data for the property sold. It’s not necessarily an indicator of what your home (should you live in Dakota Ridge) is worth. In any given quarter analyzed, we could simply have larger or smaller homes sold. There are still new construction homes in the mix during these periods too.

Dakota Ridge Historical Sales Data (Sold Single Family Homes):

9/1/6 through 12/31/6:

Avg. Price $710,000

Average Days On Market (ADOM): 71

1st quarter 2007:

Avg. Price $615,000

ADOM: 114

2nd quarter 2007:Avg. Price $752,000ADOM: 131The highest sale price = $867,000 (5050 3rd St.)

total of 4 homes sold 2nd quarter.

3rd quarter 2007:Avg. Price $651,000ADOM: 108Avg. Price $651,000ADOM: 108

The highest sale price = $844,000 (from a list price of $797,000… so the buyer offered more than list price and there’s no record of seller concessions)

Days to offer on this sale = 1day… This home is one in the N/W quadrant of the neighborhood so very close to the western edge.


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-Zachary Epps, full-time professional Realtor® and EcoBroker®


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