Boulder Real Estate Handyman Service

Thursday I met with Doug David, the owner of the Boulder area Mr. Handyman franchise. He’s done work for many local residents, and I learned more about his business today.

One of the technicians working for Doug has great skill in repairing, and texturing sheet rock. In fact, Doug has received feedback from more than one client that they are thrilled with the quality of work his staff provides.

I’d suggest contacting them if you have any handyman oriented work at (303) 396-1000. During our meeting we talked about other aspects of his business, and of course being in Boulder, the subject of green renovation and repairs came up.

Doug attended one of my recent mini-seminars called “Greenovate Your Home” which has kept us talking about the issue. He mentioned that even though he hasn’t had many requests yet for low VOC product use from his clients, he’s ready to accommodate those ‘green’ requests.

Doug also mentioned that he just recently attended a ‘green-washing’ meeting. If you haven’t become familiar with the term green washing, you need to know that the basic concept is there are many ways to misunderstand what is green, and what is simply an unfortunate attempt to mislead consumers to make bad choices by labeling products and services ‘green’ without any true environmentally positive impact.

Mr. Handyman has its own Go Green section on its website.

Here’s a quick list of suggestions from that page of the site. Any or all of these tasks can all be completed for you by one of Doug’s technicians:

  • Install low-flow shower heads and toilets; install faucet aerators
  • Seal outlets and switchplates
  • Install programmable thermostats
  • Caulk and weatherstrip doors and windows
  • Install door sweeps
  • Install energy-efficient window film
  • Install new doors and windows
  • Install ceiling fans
  • Clean refrigerator coils
  • Replace heater and AC filters
  • Install outdoor solar lighting
  • Install fluorescent lighting
  • Fix plumbing leaks
  • Install Carbon Monoxide detectors
  • Install dimmer switches

While you may have other ideas about what’s green, please consider that sealing air leaks, adding insulation to your home, and using a set-back thermostat are some great ways to start saving energy and money, while improving the comfort of your home.

I hope you continue to find this an informative resource. If you need additional answers, or are thinking about moving, and have questions about real estate, I’d be thrilled to have the chance to learn what your concerns are about that next move. Call or email me and let me know what your plans are for the future. -Zachary Epps, full-time professional Realtor and EcoBroker.


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