Boulder Real Estate: Fecal Matters

real-estate-septic.jpgIt seems like so many people want to live in the mountains or foothills when they first move to the Colorado Front Range and especially the Boulder Valley area. Buying Boulder real estate can come with extra nuances. I suppose there are a lot of people that don’t realize that a home in the foothills can come without water or sewer. Your drinking water comes from a well and your sewage has to get processed on site.

Here’s some crazy statistics:
14,300 Estimated number of septic systems in Boulder County.

33% Estimated percentage of septic systems in Boulder County that are unapproved and may be polluting our water (that’s 4,700 systems).

31 Years Average age of septic systems in Boulder County. Most need repair before 30 years.

realestateseptic.jpg Boulder County, Public Health Division has decided to provide a website to let home buyers and property owners log in and check out the status of whether or not their septic system conforms to county code. Boulder County also launched their SepticSmart outreach program last spring in the hope that people who own boulder real estate or are thinking about buying boulder real estate that might be on a septic system can be well informed.

I don’t know if this really does what they hope as I’ve checked several addresses of property I’ve sold here and nothing is listed. The site is damn funny though. The first headline: “Does Fecal Matter” shows that at least someone at Boulder County has a sense of humor. I’ve helped a lot of people with Boulder foothills property in neighborhoods like Pine Brook Hills and Boulder Heights as well as some east county people with septic and wells. Most of them seem to have no idea about the age or condition of their systems.

Worth checking out before you buy a home with a septic system. Even though there are many properties in Boulder County that aren’t in the records yet, it’s cool to see Boulder County putting this together. If you’re interested in how this affects home values and consider Boulder County folks an authority this is worth a look.

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-Zachary Epps, full-time professional Realtor® and EcoBroker®


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