Boulder Real Estate Deal For FasTracks

If you’ve wondered what the heck is happening with FasTracks lately, you’ll be interested to know that RTD is set to buy some land to get this going again. In a real estate deal for the Boulder Industrial Lead line from Brighton, RTD is set to buy land from Union Pacific for FasTracks.

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The current RTD deal with Union Pacific is very distant from the original $700 million asking price. This new transaction involves less land than previously planned and some relocation of railroad features.

The big news for you and me is that if this goes through, it means that the Northwest Rail Corridor of FasTracks will become a reality. We’d see commuter cars on the existing track connecting Denver, Louisville, Boulder, and Longmont, and the Boulder Industrial LeadĀ  owned by Union Pacific which stretches from Brighton Boulevard to Boulder would be part of the plan.

FasTracks has certainly been a hot topic during the last few years as we try to determine if it will even become a reality. Like most things of this nature, it likely will. What remains to be seen is in what form it may take shape.

I know we’re all excited to see what it becomes. The transit stops in towns like Louisville and Longmont are eagerly awaited, and of course the new transit village in Boulder will be exciting for us all.

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-Zachary Epps, full-time, professional RealtorĀ® and EcoBrokerĀ®


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