Boulder Pearl Street Mall Entertainment

Boulder Pearl Street Performers Growing up in Boulder, and having spent lots of time on the Pearl Street Mall in Downtown Boulder, might make some people a little jaded to the street performers.

Apparently not my son Marshal.

While I’ve been meandering the Pearl Street Mall since it’s first opening in the mid 1970’s, and often have little patience for yet another performance which I may have seen many times… my kids still thrill at the adventurous, and often seemingly risky tricks by downtown Boulder’s Pearl Street performers.

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boulder pearl street performerWe havn’t seen the “zip code man” in a while (maybe we just go on the wrong day) who seems to dazzle the locals and tourists alike with his uncanny ability to tell you which tiny burg you are from if you just share your local zip code with him.

On a recent weekend afternoon, the usual large crowds gathered for jugglers and contortionists putting on showy entertainment for all who wander by them. Be clear, this is how they make money, and they’ll be asking for a donation. But to be certain, they do just fine as so many in the audience truly appreciate the excitement.

boulder pearl street performerAs I sat by humoring my son and daughter in their request of “just a few minutes” to watch the same shows they’ve seen many times, I didn’t expect Marshal to be IN the show.

Shy guy that he is, next thing I know he’s tossing juggler’s flame sticks and standing on an exercise ball helping one of the local entertainers. Ah well, it’s a privilege to live here, and I hope that my kids will some day come to appreciate the great life they have in our beautiful community.

hapa sushi pearl street boulderWhether it’s great restaurants, shopping, entertainment, or outdoor adventure, Boulder’s lifestyle continues to attract people from all over the world, and keeps many of us here for its great lifestyle opportunities.

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